How to Talk About Money While Dating

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Money And Relationships

Once it comes to money and relationship, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. There are lots of emotions involved in money talk, and it is essential that you do it the right way when your relationship is at the dating level. Here are few things you should keep in mind when you talk money while dating:

Money and Reltionship

Consider the money background of your partner

By understanding the money background of the individual you are dating, you will reduce the chances of hurting him/her while talking about money.

People who grew up in different circumstances have different views about money and you have to take this into account.

Do not sound overly negative

For sensitive issues, it is not advisable to be too negative. You can start the conversation on a positive note. Talk about the future and let your partner know that your concern is for a better tomorrow and not to put him/her down.

Let it be a conversation, not a lecture

While trying to get people to change their attitude about money, it is often tempting to be insistent.

couple talking about money

In this case, however, you are talking with someone you are dating. It is essential that you listen to what he/she wants to say too. Make it a reasonable conversation and not just an opportunity to spit out your ideas about money.

Pick the right time to talk

It may be tempting to quickly correct a partner when he/she makes a mistake that relates to money, but we need to avoid that.

couple discussing

There is real emotion attached to money and you have to talk about it the right time or risk hurting your partner. Do it when you are both relaxed and be calm about it.

Live what you preach

Nobody likes a hypocrite. When you are dating someone, he/she will know you and your money habit. When we try to make them play by rules you don’t obey regarding money, they will be disappointed.

Talking money while dating can make or mar your relationship. It all depends on how you approach it. With the tips above, you can communicate your ideas without hurting your partner.


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